The natural embodiment of a challenging terroir

Saó del Coster was created in 2004 with the vision to cultivate the vineyards traditionally, following the principles of minimum intervention, respecting the cycles of nature, based on the lunar calendar and using only organic treatments in its vineyards. The connection with Mother Nature and embracing ancient cultivating traditions result in a production of powerful yet elegant wines whose main DNA component is the terroir, giving pleasure to both those who consume and produce.

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La Pujada

No trade-off to achieve quality

Despite historic difficulties our standards of production and aging were never compromised. Since the very first vintage, we have involved competent professionals to collaborate on the process of creating complex, powerful and elegant wines which in turn stimulate us to constantly challenge ourselves.

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Our wines reflect the passion of our work ethics. The soil is respected by prohibiting chemical products and banning motorised vehicles. The wine is aged at its own pace, without a commercial agenda, which attracts wine lovers locally and internationally.

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